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Drink of choice: everything, all the coffee, many caffeines

Self professed coffee nerd, with an eye for detail and the drive to offer something different, Ryan took it upon his self to open the first specialty coffee shop in Brixham. 

Working with fellow coffee enthusiast, Dave from Crank House Coffee, who provides the best of beans, Ryan can create you a brew better than any other. 

Don't believe it? Come try one!



Drink of choice: Anything Ryan is making

Emily is our very own conservation consultant. With a passion to help protect this amazing world we live in.  

 Emily is helping us to reduce our environmental impact as a business!

Also our resident plant mum, making sure all of our beautiful plants stay heathy and our garden looking lovely



Drink of choice: An African Aeropress

While at university Julian worked at a coffee bar, learning the craft of coffee from a World Barista Competition judge. His love of coffee took hold now not only does Julian make fantastic coffee, he is our main guy in the kitchen. His passion for baking and cooking is almost as strong as his passion for coffee.

While with us Julian is pursuing a career as a music producer! He is doing amaizingly and has won competitions, and one of his tracks has just been picked by a record producer. Next time you are on spotify check him out...


Sanremo Roma

Event Coordinator

Our new Sanremo Roma is a temperature controlled multi boiler coffee machine that helps us deliver espressos of the highest quality time and time again.